Telugu Badi classes at Chinmaya Sundaram

International Telugu Badi ( is a global, non profit, cooperative, community service initiative for learning & teaching of Telugu language & culture. Parent Teacher Volunteers of International Telugu Badi will be offering Telugu Language classes at Chinmaya Sundaram for the academic year 2017-2018.

The classes will be held on Sundays starting 08/20/2017, during 2 PM CDT - 3.30 PM CDT. The fee for this Telugu Language program is $100 per student for families registered for Chinmaya Balavihar and $150 per student for others.

To request admission, please email your contact (phone, email and address) details, along with your kids' name, age, grade & school and the following information to

  1. Do you largely speak in Telugu at home and encourage your kids to speak in Telugu most of the time?
  2. Do(es) your kid(s) know any Telugu padyamulu, Sanskrit Slokamulu, Telugu Script (acculu, hallulu, guNiMtamulu, vattulu etc.), and reading & writing in Telugu?
  3. Can you commit to not skip any of the classes during the academic year? (unless it is an unplanned event, of course)
  4. Can you help the kids complete their homework on time?
  5. Are you willing to volunteer as a primary/backup teacher? (We'll provide the books, plan and training. All we need is your support and enthusiasm with the mindset of helping your own kids along with a few others, learn Telugu language and culture.)