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Brahmacharini Shuchita is the resident spiritual guide of Chinmaya Mission Austin. ShuchitaJi graduated from Austin College with a degree in Spanish & Biology. She then completed Master of Public Health from University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston. She has worked in the research and teaching fields. ShuchitaJi was a balvihar student in Orlando, a Chyk member in Houston as well as Dallas, and completed YEP America (Batch Two). She has organized and conducted camps and retreats for various age groups across college, professional and mission organizations. She joined the 17th Vedanta Course in 2017 under the tutelage of Swami BodhatmanandaJi. ShuchitaJi was given Brahmacarya Diksha during Navaratri 2019 and joined the Chinmaya Austin family soon after. She is immensely grateful for the opportunity to serve Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda Ji through conducting classes and spreading the joy of the timeless knowledge of Vedanta. ShuchitaJi enjoys listening to live music, going for walks, and discussing the application and understanding of Vedanta in our daily lives.   (512) 228-2898

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