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Meena aunty is one of the spiritual guides of Chinmaya Mission Austin.

Meena Aunty (Dr. Meena Patel) has been part of Chinmaya Family since 1987, when, with help from Chinmaya Mission Houston, she started Bala Vihar and Adult Satsang in her home in Texarkana and later in Shreveport. She attended annual Spiritual Camps held by Sri Gurudev and later Sri Guruji in the US along with Dharma Sevak Courses offered in Summer. She had the opportunity to study under Guruji for a month at Sandeepany in Mumbai. She took a year off (2010-2011) from her Cardiology Practice to systematically study Vedanta at Krishnalaya under Swami Bodhatmananji and Swami Ishwaranandaji as well Guruji himself. After retiring in 2016, she moved to Austin and at Chinmaya Mission Austin, is attempting to help spread Sri Gurudev’s Vision and “parampara knowledge" through Study Groups, and Sunday Adult Classes.

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